About us


Grasshopper Soccer's main objective is to develop children in a non-competitive and supportive environment.  Founded in 1990 in Perth, Western Australia, we have 30 years of experience sharing our enthusiasm for developing children through our soccer programs. Our programs are dynamic, growing, and changing as Grasshopper has developed along the way.  This ensures children continue to love, enjoy and continue to embrace the Grasshopper experience.

Grasshopper Soccer programs are designed for children aged 2-12 years. Each program provides a building block upon which children can improve their confidence and develop their character.  We see Grasshopper soccer as a valuable addition to a child's learning experience at an important part of their life. 

We recognize the importance of developing skills in a non-competitive way, allowing children to develop relationships with other children, promote social and mental awareness, and improve their physical capabilities. We know that the social interaction involved in our programs is just as important as anyone's ball skill. The children learn how to interact in a supportive environment, learning how to share, take turns, listen to instructions, and work within a team environment.

We believe and understand how important parental engagement is with their child and have developed programs to cater to this.  We encourage parents to support their little Grasshoppers and love the programs where parents are actively involved...sometimes, it's hard to tell who the real kids actually are!!!

Grasshopper has come a long way since the early days in Perth.  Grasshopper Soccer is proud of the impact it has been able to have on so many Australian children.  Grasshopper Soccer is excited that this experience is now being experienced in New Zealand, South America, and The United Kingdom. 

We know our programs offer great value and reward for all who engage themselves in the experience.  We offer programs that suit all children,  all year round, and in various formats throughout the week.


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