Common Mistakes Soccer Parents Make

 We know that parents play a critical role in their child’s soccer development but have you ever really examined whether you’re supporting your child’s development or hindering it?

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How Iceland overcame the odds to qualify for the quarter finals of the Euros

This year the tiny nation of Iceland set the soccer world on fire!

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5 Ways to Avoid a Sports Injury

We all know how much fun it is to play sports, especially if you are playing soccer with a team of friendly and supportive Grasshopper Soccer players!
But getting hurt is not a lot of fun.

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Eating for sports an article for KIDS!!

Whenever you play a sport, you pack your bag and make sure you have the equipment you need, like your racquet for tennis, cleats for soccer, and good runners for basketball. You couldn't play the game very well without this equipment, but how do you help your game from your insides out? Don’t go swallowing a pair of shin guards, that's for sure!

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A Lesson on Perspective

We love the fact that you want to see your kids do well playing sport, but we also want to give you a gentle reminder that it’s all about perspective.

If you treat your kid’s soccer the way you treat your kid’s maths, you’ll probably be OK. What do we mean? Look at it this way, most parents don’t show up at their kid’s primary school class and start screaming at them, ‘2 plus 2 isn’t 5! Just think about it!’

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